About Us

GlucanBio was founded in 2012, based on technology developed from the University of Wisconsin and Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) at Iowa State. Our primary purpose is to produce furan derivatives from biomass with cost and performance advantages. The market opportunity is strong and relevant, not only for furfural, but also for HMF, DMF, THF and FDCA.Our team offers best-in-field expertise in catalysis, IP management, engineering scale-up, and early stage commercialization.Engaging great minds like Jim Dumesic, a world-renowned catalytic chemist, and Brent Shanks, a highly acclaimed principal in the industry, gives us an advantage in hurdling technical roadblocks.

Executive Summary (PDF)

Meet Our Team

GlucanBio is a Nidus portfolio company – this means we are methodically derisking and scaling the process for commercialization.